The Beautiful Art of Balance

“The Beautiful Art of Balance” is a unique and intimate workshop and retreat for the photographer who longs for more (and less) in her career and life… for a woman who is yearning to fine-tune her ear to the voice of the Lord and hear His desires on how to balance the two. Shannon Ho and her carefully chosen contributors have a desire to refresh and encourage you with their stories to propel you towards finding a life of careful balance. More fulfillment. Less busyness. More freedom. Less constraints. More time to invest in your family and clients. Less stress.

More balance.

In a beautifully appointed private residence on Lake Eufaula, Shannon Ho will share out of the wealth of twelve years in her photography business. She will not only share how to carefully see and enhance natural light that will set your photos apart from others, but will also share about the practical steps of running a successful home-based studio and how this is actually a doorway to reveal the heart of the Father.

"We feel tempted to do the opposite of what God asks, because it's easier. But God's voice commands the option that will display His power. He desires to show Himself strong in you and will encourage you to do things that require trust and faith."
-Priscilla Shirer